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Bracli Pearl Thong ; Unique and Sexy

Bracli Pearl Thong is based on a timeless beauty with each elegant and sensual design that gives alluring look making it desirable item in the world of lingerie. offers a beautiful piece of lingerie collection which sends shiver and excitement down to any woman’s spine. Each assure a high quality hand-made craft in Asturias, Spain, ensuring top-notch quality and design, and is made from very soft-stretch French lace and has a strand of Bracli pearls that are definitely a world famous due to its unique characteristics. The thongs comes with “V”-shaped design that fits on your hips, with the dip of the “V” in front and back, which measures 3 inches from top to bottom. It is made of super-soft, lightweight and lustrous, it’s very strong, so it can be washed with ease. You’ll never have to worry about the Bracli Pearl disintegrating in your hands, that’s for sure. The thongs makes closer to fit with your body, which makes you feel sexier. 

Bracli Ebony sexy Bracli Picara s Bracli Your Night

In You’ll definitely be floating around in an ethereal cloud of sexiness while wearing the Bracli Pearl Thong. Wear it all day long and your partner will be left wondering why you’ve been smiling from morning to night. Women have been known to choose walking over driving when wearing this sexy, sensual number. If you have question contact us to help you finding a woman’s true sensual self.

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